Children’s Ministry

Children’s Sunday Worship/Activities

They have movie time to will learn Biblical stories and they have Fun time. We provide arts and crafts and sometimes some games.We operate 3 different rooms on regular Sunday service that utilize volunteers to oversee, teach and help each one. We have the Star Room for the kids ages 4-5 years old.The Heart Room for the kids ages 6-8 years old and the Crown Room Children ages 9-11 years old. We also provide a yummy nutritious snacks for your kids. We also provide tambourine dance training and we are still working out their training for playing band musical instruments.

Every 3rd Sunday of April we have Victory in Jesus Day,Where the kids celebrating Easter Sunday acknowledging Jesus died and rose again. And on the 3rd Saturday of July We have Family fun day where you and your children will have fun.Month of August we have Family Camp where the kids will have a lots of time to have fun and learned God’s word together. Every 31th of October we have Hallelujah Night where they can enjoy having games and treats. Graduation, Awards Night on this event too,Please come and watch children performing and join us in celebrating Christmas on 3rd Saturday of December.

We, the children’s ministry volunteers are excited to partner with you in raising your kids to become the best they could be by guiding them to become a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

We hope too see your kids soon on our Sunday School every Sunday.

Volunteer Teachers

  • Mrs. Emilie Tan
  • Mrs. Leila Garcia
  • Mrs. Edna labudahon
  • Ms. Ephefany Morales
  • Mrs. Patricia Marquez
  • Ms. Dareen Fernandez
  • Mrs. Janette Lopez (C,H,S grp.)
  • Mrs. Joy Barientos (Crown grp.)
  • Mrs. Rebecca Gumanid (Star grp)
  • Mrs. Flor Santiago (Star grp.)
  • Mrs. Honey Lansangan (Star grp.)
  • Mrs. Joy Dizon (Heart grp.)
  • Ms. Febe Ilao (Heart grp.)
  • Ms. Feliz Ilao (Heart grp.)
  • Mrs. Cathy Balladad (Heart grp.)

  • Ms. Cloe Torreliza
  • Ms. Jennifer We-Eng

Children’s Ministry Photos


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