Anniversary: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

Our church has been blessed once again with a special day to celebrate the faithfulness of God. In fact the reason we still exist is simply because of His faithfulness. Faithfulness is a glorious nature of God without which He is not God. It is interesting that at the centre of the book of Lamentations is about God’s faithfulness. Take note of this observation: The book is composed of five chapters with 22 verses each except the middle chapter, chapter 3. It has 66 verses. And at the centre of this chapter is verse 23 – “They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” The Bible does not only declare the faithfulness of God by giving historical proofs. We experience God’s faithfulness every day of our life. It is but right and reasonable that the greatness of God’s faithfulness be our conviction in life and the message we proclaim to the world.

God’s faithfulness generates hope. We all have our share of pain and sufferings – individually and corporately as a church, family, nation, etc. When troubles come we become so discouraged and feel groping in the dark with no way out. We feel God is deaf or has abandoned us already. We have all the reasons to be discouraged and depressed if not for the faithfulness of God. We can look back to those events in life when God made Himself real and trustworthy. In the midst of our sorrow a ray of hope dawns. All we need to do is to shift our focus from our afflictions by remembering the faithfulness of God that generates hope.

God’s faithfulness energizes our day. God’s faithfulness is characterized by abundance – inexhaustible and never fails. Another is freshness“new every morning.” God is faithful that we can depend on Him to provide us fresh supply of grace and strength sufficient for the day’s life and ministry. We don’t have to worry about tomorrow. God may not give us strength we need for the entire 2013 or 10 years or so, but daily spiritual energy. Never doubt His faithfulness today or tomorrow. All we need to do is to trust and hope in the faithful God.

God is in the business of making His faithfulness known and felt by more and more people. This becomes possible through the proclamation of the gospel of our Saviour Jesus Christ. This is the business of our church. This is why we still exist. As we celebrate God’s faithfulness, let us renew our commitment to the mandate of letting people know God more through the sharing of the word and the testimony of our life.